Pāua Shell French Bulldog Necklace and Earrings Set
Pāua Shell French Bulldog Necklace and Earrings Set

Pāua Shell French Bulldog Necklace and Earrings Set

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Our Pāua Shell French Bulldog Necklace and Earrings Set is a lovely set for all dog lovers and enthusiasts and is part of our Tide Jewellery range. It features an inlaid Pāua shell French Bulldog pendant with inset glass stones collar. It hangs from a 45cm trace chain and comes complete with matching hook earrings. The pendant measures 2.3cm x 2cm with each earring measuring 1.5cm x 1cm. It is lovingly presented in a Tide Jewellery presentation box with stand up insert. 

  • Size: Pendant- 2.3cm x 2cm. Chain length- 45cm. Earrings- 1.5cm x 1cm.
  • Material:  Pendant & Earrings- zinc alloy base with rhodium plating. Inlaid Pāua shell*. Earring hooks and chain- Brass base with rhodium plating. This set is compliant with EU REACH regulations on nickel, cadmium and lead content. All items are therefore considered hypoallergenic.
  • Colour: Silver and turquoise


This set will be packaged in a lovely Tide Jewellery presentation box.


All jewellery is held on site in our Birmingham office and is posted via Royal Mail.

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*Pāua shells are specifically native to the shallow coastal waters around New Zealand and the word “Pāua” is actually of Māori origin, although it is also sometimes referred to as a marine or sea opal.

Because these shells are only found in this one area of the world, Pāua are both rare and much sought after. There are stringent controls in place to limit the collection and ensure sustainability, indeed they have to be harvested by using only traditional “free diving” methods and the use of scuba equipment or modern machinery to farm them is strictly forbidden. Even so, there is a large commercial market for the shells and they also remain important in a Māori culture where they were once regarded as being a form of treasure and are still found in traditional carvings as well as the more contemporary arts and crafts.


Pāua shells are recognised as being the most distinctively colourful and intense of all the species. In addition to the stunning variations of the usual silvers, greens and occasional pinks found in another abalone the Pāua can also include swathes of royal colours such as purple, crimson or gold.

With such a vast array of beautiful, natural colours it is easy to see why the Pāua shell lends itself so well to jewellery and has a broad appeal all of its own. One of its greatest assets is that no two shells are identical, so every piece incorporating a Pāua shell is absolutely unique. In effect, anybody buying Pāua shell jewellery is buying a bespoke item, no matter how large or small that item may be.


The depth and mixture of colours available are almost endless, so if one looks carefully enough there is sure to be a colour variation or pattern to appeal to almost every conceivable taste.


Your jewellery should be worn often. Whilst natural body oils can damage certain gems there is evidence to suggest that they actually help the Pāua shell retain its polished luster. In addition, just as coral and marine pearls absorb moisture from the air, Pāua pearls and shells need to draw water vapour from the atmosphere to keep them from drying or cracking.


A regular clean with a very soft cotton or specialised jewellers cloth is recommended to keep Pāua jewellery looking pristine and it should be stored separately and out of direct sunlight to avoid damage or the risk of colours fading or bleaching.


In common with any other jewellery, the likes of detergents, perfumes and abrasive materials should be avoided at all costs. Though aquatic in nature, Pāua products shouldn’t be worn whilst swimming, commercial pools contain chlorine and other damaging chemicals and the sand, salts and minerals in the sea will also do more harm than good to the relatively soft surface of a refined and polished shell.