Premium Retractable Dog Lead (Red)
Premium Retractable Dog Lead (Red)

Premium Retractable Dog Lead (Red)

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Want to keep your dog safe while still giving them freedom to explore?

If so, our Premium Retractable Dog Lead is perfect for you and your canine companion. It is red in colour and has a professional look. It stretches up to 5 metres giving your dog lots of room to roam safely. It is a great way to give your dog freedom in a busy area, without having to let them run free. 

Material: ABS Plastic and nylon tape style lead

Total Length of lead: 5 metres

Size: 16cm x 12cm

Delivery time: 3-5 days


This lead should only be used by a responsible adult who has read and understood the information provided in the packaging. Anyone using this lead must be able to control the dog and watch it closely at all times. Keep out of reach of babies and small children. THIS IS NOT A TOY.

- Do not use this lead with a disobedient or uncontrollable dog.

- Do not allow the dog to chew any part of the lead as this can damage the lead

- Never attach more than 1 dog to a lead at a time and only use for walking your dog on foot and no other purpose.

- Never hold the tape as can cause injuries. Only hold the lead by the handle so you have access to the brake button at all times.

- Do not let the tape wrap around body parts as it can cause friction and other serious injuries.